Welcome to Namibia

Namibia’s beauty is wonderfully surreal and alluring, so much to fell in love with it! If u visit Namibia, you can’t imagine that you are embarking on a highly addictive journey, one wishes would never end, as the surprises in scenery are endless. Namibia has so much to offer to those who love nature and […]


Ipaha Travels

Ipaha Travel is owned by a young vibrant Namibia lady. We plan and do guided tours as well as self-drive all over Namibia. Our competitive edge is that as a Namibian apart from our local languages we can speak Italian, German and English. The owner of Ipaha Travels graduated in Language and Tourism at the […]



This gem of a country is hidden in the south western part of Africa. A country where the hearts of its people are as warm as the sun itself. You need to be brave to tame and discover the blessings bestowed upon its people. This is why this treasure is known as the land of […]